EnOcean pushes technology and environmental responsibility to the limits. EnOcean modules combine micro-energy converters with ultra low power electronics and reliable wireless communications. This enables EnOcean customers to create self-powered wireless sensor solutions that are fundamental for efficiently managing energy in buildings and industrial applications.

The idea that led to this innovative technology is based on a very simple observation: where sensors capture measured values, the energy state constantly changes. When a switch is pressed, the temperature alters or the luminance level varies. All these operations generate enough energy to transmit wireless signals.

Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Solution from EnOcean

Energy harvesting wireless sensor solution from EnOcean

EnOcean Dolphin System Architecture

EnOcean technology allows fast development and marketing of new wireless solutions in building services, industry and other sectors. Standardized sensor profiles make for interoperability of the resulting products. Devices from different manufacturers can then communicate and cooperate with one another in one and the same system.

EnOcean Dolphin System for Energy Harvesting Wireles Sensor Solutions and Networks

Energy Harvesting

  • Energy harvesting wireless sensors from EnOcean use motion converter, solar cells and thermo converter

EnOcean Modules

  • Easy to integrate
  • For fast and low-cost equipment development


  • A powerful & easy to use operation system
  • Software for modular and versatile, user-friendly integration in applications

EnOcean Wireless Standard

Advantages at a glance

  • Energy savings
  • Flexibility of the applications
  • Time-savings
  • Maintenance-free
  • Ecological compatibility
  • Cost-savings