902 MHz EnOcean for USA/ Canada

Modules with 902 MHz frequency are suitable for USA adopting FCC specification and Canada adopting IC specification

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In-line Switch Module - EISM (OEM) - product discontinued

In-line Switch Module

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In-line Switch Module - EISM (OEM) - product discontinued
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Easyfit Product for OEMs
902 MHz EnOcean
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The In-line Switch Module uses radio frequency technology to communicate with other EnOcean-based products and provides an amazingly simple solution for control of lighting and other electrical loads. The module’s compact size enables flexible installation inside of or next to electrical boxes and fixtures so it can be easily wired out of sight using standard wiring practices. Simply link the module to an EnOcean-based motion sensor and switch.

EISM is supported by Navigan Wireless Commisioner NWC 300U and Navigan Software. With NaviganTM Wireless Commissioner you can simplify installation of building automation projects using EnOcean’s energy harvesting technology, and easily configure EnOcean controllers.

NaviganTM Wireless Commissioner (NWC) Software: download now.

EISMU will be discontinued and replaced by the successor product LEDRU – see also product change note.

Important dates:
Last purchase date: August 30, 2018
Last shipment date: Septmeber 30, 2018

EnOcean Software and Firmware

Product Name
Short description
EnOcean LinkLinux based middleware for the EnOcean radio stack. Library to interpret all EnOcean Protocols (e.g. ESP3, EEP, Security) providing easy entry into EnOcean interoperable eco-systems for your applicationDetails
Gateway ControllerTransparent gateway to receive and transmit all EnOcean Telegrams on 868, 315 and 902 MHz. Includes Smart Acknowledge and Remote Management.Details