ESK 300 – the ideal entry to EnOcean

The starter kit includes a variety of energy converters and modules enabling the effortless creation of energy-autonomous wireless sensors. Using the kit, EnOcean OEM partners will be able to break into new application areas for energy harvesting technology — ranging from building automation through smart homes and smart metering to industry and logistics.

Energy harvesting in an all-inclusive package

ESK 300 for 868 MHZ and ESK 300C for 315 MHz illustrate the possibilities of energy-harvesting wireless sensor technology through a selection of the major EnOcean components. The kit consists of a switch module for building applications (PTM 200), a suite for industrial switches (PTM 330 and ECO 200), a temperature sensor (STM 330), an USB receiver (USB 300) plus PC software for visualization (DolphinView Basic) and a sample case for industrial switching solutions (only for 868 MHz version).

With the PTM 210 for 868 MHz and PTM 200C for 315 MHz it is possible to implement energy-autonomous wall mounted switches or handheld transmitters. Combining the wireless module PTM 330 for 868 MHz and PTM 330C for 315 MHz with the ECO 200 mechanical energy converter is a basis for a variety of maintenance-free wireless switches in an industrial environment. The solar-powered sensor STM 330 for 868 MHz and STM 330C for 315MHz can measure temperature in a room or on machinery, for example. This module is characterised by its extremely low power consumption plus high reliability. If a measured value is transmitted every 15 minutes for instance, 3.6 hours of charging in daytime and 200 lux are adequate for uninterrupted operation. With its energy storage mechanism fully charged, the module is fully functional for four days in complete darkness. The bidirectional gateway USB 300 for 868 MHZ and USB300C for 315 MHz transfers both measured data and switch commands to a PC. Data is received over the DolphinView Basic software, which visualises all information on the computer, giving the user a real time view of all that is happening.

Varied, fast and flexible

This complete set enables virtually all application variations of energy harvesting wireless technology. Using the ESK 300 for 868 MHZ and ESK 300C for 315 MHz components users can implement switches and interior temperature sensors plus a variety of industrial switches, such as wireless position switches, solutions to control gates or for condition monitoring. Additionally, the USB 300 for 868 MHZ and USB300C for 315 MHz opens the door to smart home and smart metering solutions for software developers.

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