Regardless of what sector you’re in, you want to steal the show with an innovative solution or revolutionary new product. With EnOcean energy harvesting wireless modules, it couldn’t be easier. Flexible components enable integration of self-powered wireless technology in your application and are tailored according to your specific requirements – all contributing to fast time-to-market development.

We not only deliver the right wireless modules for forward-looking solutions, we also advise our customers in all matters of module integration. With EnOcean as your innovation partner you’re in the winning lane from the very start. The principle is simple: No Batteries. No Wires. No Limits.


EnOcean is revolutionizing wireless sensors by supplying systems without batteries and therefore without any need for maintenance. EnOceans's technology offers the following advantages for industrial applications:

  • Creating possibilities
  • Lowering costs
  • Increasing flexibility

EnOcean's wireless sensors enable constant environmental monitoring of packages. As RFID tags have enabled a revolution in tracking, so is EnOcean enabling a revolution in monitoring. Environmentally sensitive packages can be monitored at every stage in their journey to enable:

  • Reduction in spoilage
  • Guarantees of quality
  • Process optimisation

EnOcean's robust and maintenance free technology is an ideal match for the demanding and constantly changing environment of logistics.


EnOcean's wireless sensors make it possible to add radical new features to vehicles, without increasing production costs. The ability to deploy sensors throughout the vehicle without a single wire or concerns over access for battery replacement, makes it possible to:

  • Improve comfort, safety and functionality
  • Reduce costs
  • Create competitive advantage

EnOcean's tiny wireless sensors work without batteries or maintenance, creating numerous new possibilities in patient and equipment monitoring.
Monitoring is at the heart of medicine. EnOcean makes monitoring less intrusive, but more complete. Imagine an Operating Theatre with all the data cables removed to give the surgical team more room to move. Imagine a patient free to move around, but with his heart rate constantly being monitored. EnOcean enables:

  • Continuous patient monitoring
  • No batteries to maintain
  • Better patient care

Removing the cables takes monitoring to a new level.

Further applications

EnOcean's sensors do not need wires, batteries or maintenance, making a whole world of previously undreamt applications possible today. Almost any industry that wants its devices to become more intelligent is a candidate for using sensors that can autonomously sense the world around them. Examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Consumer electronics
  • Toys
  • Defence
  • Homeland security

The possibilities are only limited by your ingenuity to exploit them.