November 28, 2012

Lifedomus - EnOcean technology puts across a touch of magic

The Lifedomus system, which is based on EnOcean technology, constists of a box and all peripheral devices that, which might be practical for the management of a home environment. All devices rely on sensors and actuators, neither requiring plugs nor cables, which are linked up to the central unit via radio technology.

Lifedomus at its core consists of EnOcean technology, but at the same time enables the integration of other communication protocols.This allows the fusion of components from the world of automation technology (KNX, ZigBee, X10 etc.) with entertainment technologies (NUVO, Mobotix, DIVX-Player etc.). Finally, it is sufficient to install the free app on the iPhone or iPad or the respective software on the pc, in order to be in full control of all system components at any place and any time.

(Source: Domotique News, September 2012)