November 29, 2012

Promoting wireless sensor networks and energy harvesting - Interview with the president of Rhom, Sawamura

Rohm recently has become the ninth promoter of the EnOcean Alliance and thus now belongs to the inner circle of companies that is commited to drive forward batteryfree EnOcean technology. What are the developments Rohm itself contributes to the field of wireless sensor networks and energy harvesting?

"EnOceans energy harvesting and radio technologies allow to realize cost- and energy-efficient systems for a variety of different applications. These include building automation as well as management of infrastructure, logistics and services in the healthcare sector. With our own expertise and the cooperation with the partners whithin the EnOcean Alliance we are able to give these systems a further growth spurt.

In the field of energy harvesting, for example, we developed highly efficient solar cells, for which only room lighting is sufficient for the generation of energy, special capacitors, modules for wireless communication and power-management-ICs. Moreover the non-volatile memories and the low-power-microcontrollers of Lapis Semiconductor featuring a exceptionally low power consumption. In combination with the sensors of EnOcean, we have all components to build up wireless sensor networks being supplied via energy harvesting."

(Source:, November, 27 2012)