STM 250J (OEM)

Wireless magnet contact (white/ black)

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STM 250J (OEM)
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Easyfit Product for OEMs
928 MHz EnOcean
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The STM 250J is a solar powered maintenance free magnet contact radio module. An integrated energy store allows unrestricted functionality for several days in total darkness. Using the integrated Reed contact the module monitors the position of the laterally mounted magnet and informs about changes of the status. In addition, a life signal is sent with an interval of about 15 min.

EnOcean Software and Firmware

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EnOcean LinkLinux based middleware for the EnOcean radio stack. Library to interpret all EnOcean Protocols (e.g. ESP3, EEP, Security) providing easy entry into EnOcean interoperable eco-systems for your applicationDetails
Dolphin V4 Gateway ControlllerTransparent gateway to receive and transmit all EnOcean Telegrams on 928 MHz. Includes Smart Acknowledge and Remote Management.Details