A major component of Dolphin system architecture are the module PTM 330 in combination with the mechanical energy converter ECO 200, the bi-directional  STM 300, TCM 310, TCM 300 and TCM 320 wireless modules. Furthermore, STM 310 series is a platform for energy harvesting wireless sensors. These modules come in versions for a standard frequency of 868 MHz or 315 MHz, so they can work in applications worldwide.

Your benefits when developing new energy harvesting wireless sensor solutions using the developer's kit EDK 350 for 868 MHZ and EDK 300C for 315 MHz the add up to: simple integration, faster time to market, plus interoperability with other EnOcean energy-harvesting wireless switches, sensors and controls.

STM 300 - programmable and bidirectional module

STM 300 - bidirectional energy harvesting wireless sensor module

STM 300 for 868 MHz and STM 300C or 315 MHz feature an energy harvesting interface for the implementation of self-powered products. The minimal standby power consumption makes it especially suitable for energy harvesting wireless solutions such as bidirectional temperature sensors, sensors in building services and innovative actuators. STM 300 can be powered by a solar cell, available in two sizes - ECS 300 and ECS 310.

EDK 350 - The fastest way into energy harvesting wireless sensor solutions

EDK 350 - The fastest way into energy harvesting wireless sensor solutions

The EDK 350 developer kit covers the entire product range, from energy harvesting and wireless modules to ready-made product solutions. The new kit is part of a modular concept by which EnOcean can offer OEMs a cost-effective and customised development platform for fast integration into building and industry automation, smart home as well as machine-to-machine systems. 

The developer kit’s central element is a universal programmer board. In combination with EnOcean’s DolphinStudio PC software, the board is used to configure and program Dolphin-based modules. The complete EDK 350 includes the following EnOcean products: TCM 320 (transceiver module), STM 300 (universal wireless sensor module), ECO 200 (mechanical energy converter), PTM 330 (transmitter module for ECO 200), PTM 210/PTM 215 (energy harvesting switch module, PTM 215 includes data encryption function), STM 330 (energy harvesting temperature sensor module), USB 300 (USB wireless gateway), DolphinStudio (configuration and programming software) and DolphinAPI (application programming interface).

The package is completed by the DolphinView PC software for visualising and mapping the wireless protocol. The application profiles (EnOcean Equipment Profiles or EEP) can also be interpreted and sent by using the kit.

Furthermore, developers can extend the EDK 350 developer kit with the EDK 352 thermo developer kit. This includes the STM 312 energy harvesting wireless sensor module and the ultra low voltage ECT 310 DC/DC converter in conjunction with a peltier element to power EnOcean modules by differences in temperature.


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