KEIL Licensing options

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KEIL License, DolphinAPI


I want to develop own Firmware with the DolphinAPI. Can I order the licenses for PK51 or CA51 via EnOcean, or do I have to contact KEIL directly?


First you need KEILs IDE. It is called uVision. uVision includes the PK51 Prof. Developers Kit or CA51 Compiler Kit . You can download uVision from KEILs homepage directly. After filling the registration form, you should be able to download uVision. After installation you should have an Evaluation Version from KEIL. It has no time limitation but you can compile only 2 kB of code. If the Evaluation License is not sufficient, you have this options:

Keil PK51 or CA51 License
You can buy the full PK51 Prof. Developers Kit or CA51 Compiler Kit from Keil. This will make it possible to develop applications without any limitation. For more information about these types of licenses please read:
For pricing information and to acquire this type of license please contact Keil distributors:

In order to develop Firmware with DolphinAPI you need a Keil C51 compiler inclusive BL51 linker and A51 assembler. Our examples are prepared for uVision IDE environment so we highly recommend to use this IDE for your development.