How to integrate EnOcean USB 300 / Programmer with host controllers.

This article applies to: All Enocean Dolphin based devices with with FTDI chip


How can I use USB 300 / Programmer with Microsoft Windows? How can I use USB 300 / Programmer with Linux?


USB 300 and EnOcean Programmer (EOP) have both and FTDI Chip which enables the USB Interface and emulated the COM Port. To use it, please install the default FTDI Drivers.

Microsoft Windows:
EnOcean Software tools come already with the necessary device drivers. They will be installed automatically. Device drivers also can be downloaded from FTDI’s website or search in install folder of the EnOcean Software i.e.:

  • \EnOcean\DolphinStudio\Drivers
  • \EnOcean\DolphinView\Drivers

EnOcean Modules with FTDI chip can work under Linux. Please download therefore the appropiate Linux FTDI driver:
Then you will have a virtual COM port similar to Windows.