PID and VID of EnOcean USB 300 - FTDI Chip configuration

This article applies to:
All EnOcean devices with FTDI chip


How I can change USB specific values (e.g. PID/VID) of the USB 300?
How can I recognize an EnOcean Module connected to the host (e.g. PC)?


EnOcean is using FTDI's FT232 chip within USB 300. Since this product is an OEM product it comes with FTDI's default PID - 0x6001 and VID - 0x0403. In order to recognize USB 300 on your host controller you can use following USB string descriptors:

  • Manufacturer - EnOcean GmbH
  • Product description - EnOcean Programmer or EnOcean USB (depends on the product self also version Number can change)

For details see screen shoot below.

Based on this information you can recognize our modules.

OEM customers can change USB settings with FTDI's programming tool, it is called FT Prog. See details here. The screen shoot above shows also the FT Prog user interface. OEM has to be aware of:

  • EnOcean software tools (EOPX Programmer / DolphinStudio) only support default VID 0x0403 / PID 0x6001 - USB 300 with changed PID / VID will not work correctly with EnOcean tools
  • Some USB specific values need to be confirm to the USB integrators forum (VID, see details below)

On request (quantity, NRE) EnOcean can deliver customized USB 300.

How do I get a USB VID, TID and PID?


Vendor IDs (VIDs) are owned by the vendor company and are assigned and maintained by the USB-IF only. Email for more information on USB-IF membership and obtaining a VID. Test IDs (TIDs) are assigned by the USB-IF or by the certified independent test lab at the time of testing. Product IDs (PIDs) are assigned by each vendor as they see fit; the USB-IF recommends each vendor set up a coordinated allocation scheme for PIDs so different teams don't inadvertently choose the same PID for different products. Duplicate numbers may cause driver error.