STM300 sends no telegram when pressing WAKE0/LRN button

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I am using STM300 module with EVA320. I have just unpacked this module put to the EVA board. I am using the default firmware and haven't changed anything. When I press the WAKE0/LEARN button nothing happens. When I press WAKE1 button I see telegrams, why?


The reason is because as default the STM300 firmware comes with no EEP profile defined. In such case no teach/learn telegram is transmitted. In order to change this behaviour use the DolphinStudio.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open DolphinStudio and select EOPX(Programmer)→Modul Configuration
  2. Select STM300 from the combobox
  3. Plug STM300 in EVA320, connect EOPX to the EVA board, select powering source programmer
  4. Press “Read configuration” to read out the current STM300 setup
  5. Change the Manufacturer ID to your company or to 0x7FF
  6. Press “Write configuration” to write back the information
  7. Know try to press the LRN button and it should work (you can use DolphinView to see the reaction)

See picture below:

STM300 User manual: