Problem when receiving telegrams from TCM300 through the serial port using EVA300

This article applies to:
TCM300/TCM300C Module


I cannot receive any telegram through the serial port. I also cannot see any information with Winetel/DolphinView


  1. Make sure the ID table is cleared (press the CLR button for 3 seconds)
  2. Make sure the Mode0/1 is selected using the jumpers, then switch the EVA On and Off (this works only if there are no ID's learned in)
  3. Make sure the ADIO6/7 jumper is set
  4. Make sure WinEtel/DolphinView is connected
  5. Make sure you are using Dolphinview with ESP2 support. See related articles for more information.

Where is the ESP2 button in DolphinView