EnOcean maintains and benefits from contact with research institutes, universities and industry. This ensures fast implementation of newly won findings, expertise and solutions.

State Funded Projects

As technology leader of the energy harvesting wireless sensor technology, EnOcean actively supports several state funded projects. EnOcean's innovative energy harvesting and low-power radio modules is a main part of these projects.

  • PCB 4.0–Baugruppen mit eingebetteten Mikrosensorsystemen zur intelligenten Fertigung von Industriesensorik Teilvorhaben: Energieautarke Funksensorik zur intelligenten Fertigung robuster Industrieelektronik (BMBF, 01.02.2016 – 31.01.2019).
  • ESIMA – Improved ressource efficiency in production using self-powered sensors and interaction with mobile users, section goal: self-powered 2,4GHz radio platform. (BMBF, 01.07.2013 – 30.06.2016)
  • OpSIT – Optimal use of smart item technologies in in-patient care, section goal: self-powered electronics for smart items in in-patient care. (BMBF, 01.07.2013 – 30.06.2016)
  • inSitu - Development of testing procedures for the unification of the energetic assessment of large-format, transparent building systems under in situ edge conditions.
  • EnKonSens - Mobility for context sensitive building automation, section goal: self-powered sub-GHz radio platforms for context sensitive building automation
  • GEWOS - "Living heatlhy and stylish": EnOcean provides concepts for building automation for the aging society and develops a energy harvesting wirless control unit
  • DyCoNet - Development of project specific energy harvesting components and wirless systems for the use in the aircraft  industry.
  • MIKOA - Miniaturized energy-harvesting components with reliable wireless communication for production plants
  • AISIS - Self-powerd sensors for protection of critical infrastructurs within tunnels or builduings
  • ECOMOS – Self-powered Condition Monitoring System:
    EnOcean supplies project specific thermo harvester for wireless sensors in the paper production process.
  • SOMATEK - Vital sensoric network for close mashed monitoring of patients with acute cardiac risks: EnOcean develops specific radio sensor nodes and high efficient thermal converters for medical engineering.
  • ENAS - Self powered actor and sensor systems for the intelligent wireless networking of manufacturing facilities: EnOcean develops a pionieering energy harvesters and and low-power radio systems for the  automation engeneering area.