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openBerlin –

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While innovation has always been important, in today’s competition-oriented and constantly chang-

ing markets, it has become essential to a company’s success. openBerlin is part of a network of nine

Cisco innovation centers worldwide and offers an open platform for developing new business and

technology solutions in order to open up opportunities and markets with the aid of rapid prototyping.

André Diener, the technical director of the innovation center, deliberately chose to use EnOcean tech-

nology when equipping the facility.

Interview with André Diener, technical director of the openBerlin innovation center, Cisco

Mr. Diener, could you briefly

explain what openBerlin is


In the openBerlin innovation center, we work

on innovations with a vast ecosystem of

partners and thereby create new business

and technology solutions. We help local and

global organizations improve their business

results by using intelligent data preparation

and digitalization. As an innovation center

and workplace for customers, partners,

startups, universities and open developer

communities, openBerlin has innovative

meeting rooms, software and hardware

development rooms and demonstration

areas where new ideas, concepts and tech-

nologies can be created.

What arguments spoke in favor

of choosing an EnOcean-based

solution when equipping the

innovation center?

With openBerlin, we wanted to provide an

innovative building that is simultaneously

energy- and cost-efficient. Since our efforts

involved upgrading a building that had an

open brick design, we couldn’t consider a

solution that required wiring. Therefore, we

knew from the very beginning that the solu-

tion had to be wireless. We found it espe-

cially important for the sensors to be

self-powered in order to ensure mainte-

nance-free and reliable operation. Easy

installation was another requirement. In an

innovative building, one also never knows

whether the rooms will be used in the same

way several weeks from now. This means

that it had to be possible to flexibly position

the products. The EnOcean-based products

met all these requirements. The energy and

cost savings that also resulted were another

determining factor.


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