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What products and solutions are

you using?

Implementing the openBerlin project

involved reconstructing the building, install-

ing heating and air conditioning systems as

well as new lighting technology. The retrofit

of EnOcean-based window sensors and

motion detectors now enables us to auto-

mate the light control and monitor the win-

dows. With the aid of ceiling-mounted pres-

ence detectors, we can generate additional

information about the room occupancy and

use it to optimize the capacity utilization of

the existing workstations.

All collected data is trans-

mitted in real time to an

interactive dashboard for

visualization and con-

trolling the building auto-

mation system. openBerlin

users can access the dash-

board from websites or

smart phones and thus

control the building. The

combination with the

Smart EnOcean Gateway

from Digital Concepts

ensures communication

between the EnOcean

wireless standard and the

IP protocol, the latter of

which forms the basis for

integrating the data into

standardized, open plat-

forms. This facilitates a completely interop-

erable network, in which the collected data

can be used to intelligently control different


We use our own Meraki cloud-based net-

work solution in the openBerlin innovation

center. We also employ a face recognition

solution from Stonelock for access control.

And we use our own Cisco Mobile Experience

WLAN solution for the precise positions of

people within the building. This provides us

with exact information on WLAN usage, user

statistics and location heat maps in open-


What positive changes in your

operating procedures have arisen

from your use of the new


We were able to reduce our energy and

maintenance costs through the use of the

EnOcean technology. Our flexibility in the

use of space has also improved. The rule-

based building control system and inte-

grated remote control function also increase

comfort, as users can individually set the

lighting at their workstations according to

their specific needs.

Mr. Diener, thank you very much

for talking to us.