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Dear reader,

Have you ever wondered what currency you

are using to pay for the many innovative ser-

vices on your smartphone? Clearly, the data

generated by using your mobile phone pro-

vides comprehensive information about who

you are, what you are interested in or how

you live and is therefore worth a lot of money

for companies around the world.

The Internet of Things now enables our

buildings to be integrated into the network.

Whether in the smart home, smart building

or Industry 4.0, in the future, the raw mate-

rial data will make it possible to offer inno-

vative services in buildings that can perma-

nently change our lives and working

environments. Is this going to be a curse or

blessing for the participants?

The right balance of data security, local data

processing, cloud solutions and the use of

artificial intelligence enables buildings and

scarce energy resources to be better utilized,

people to live healthier lives and to work

more efficiently. In future, not all data will be

collected and processed centrally. On the

other hand, complex processes in buildings

must also work quickly and reliably even

when the “world wide web” has a cold. But

it would be foolish to abandon the extensive

benefits of data analysis and algorithms in a

connected world, which have access to the

various data sources in our buildings such as

room temperature and the Internet, for

example in form of weather forecasts, com-

bining both by analyzing the typical building


Using this data, valuable conclusions can be

drawn which are then either automatically

implemented in the control technology and

make our home safer and more comfortable,

or give facility managers the necessary deci-

sion-making bases to manage their buildings

in a more energy-efficient and cost-efficient

manner. How self-powered wireless solu-

tions from EnOcean generate raw data and

help to make the “self-powered IoT” reliable

and safe can be read in this issue of


Andreas Schneider

CEO, EnOcean GmbH