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For example, the condition of a motor can be

detected with the aid of current sensors and

the status of gears and brakes via tempera-

ture sensors. For this purpose the current or

temperature development, which changes as

equipment wear increases, is analyzed con-

tinuously. Using suitable algorithms, the nec-

essary equipment maintenance can be car-

ried out as needed and in time.

Requirements for sensors and

connectivity to the IoT

A suitable EnOcean IoT gateway networks

sensors and actuators that meet the

EnOcean wireless standard with the cloud

via the Internet. The Internet protocol and

suitable middleware connectors can be used

to quickly and easily connect energy har-

vesting wireless sensors to applications on

the Internet and to interact with a cloud-

based platform such as IBM Watson,

Amazon Echo, Microsoft Azure, Apple

HomeKit, Google Home or Crestron.

This scenario forms the basis for the Internet

of Things. With the aid of an interoperable

network, generated data can be used for

smart device and building control and to

optimize facility management as well as

implement entirely new services in the area

of building use. It is important to detect the

extensive data that a building can communi-

cate to us, using suitable sensors based on

the EnOcean radio standard, and to make

good use of this information. We can thus

optimize long-term workflows and pro-

cesses, save money and increase the energy

efficiency of our buildings. And as you surely

know: many eyes can see more than just


left: Spending hours searching for parking lots will soon be a thing of the

past. Pressure sensors, installed in the ground, transmit real-time data about

the availability of parking spaces. Welcome to the Smart City.

Presence detectors provide

detailed information by highlight-

ing areas with potential for