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Dolphin API Manual

The DolphinAPI is a powerful abstraction layer for the Dolphin chip. It is provided as pre-compiled library (no source code) with an easy to use application programming interface (API). The DolphinAPI uses the Keil PK51 tool set and the library is compiled with the C51 Compiler Version 9.05.

It offers the following features:

  • Supports both line powered and ultra low power applications
  • Full support of the EnOcean radio protocol stack with transmission and reception of EnOcean radio telegrams
  • Transmission and reception of custom data via UART and SPI interface
  • Digital and analog I/O configuration and handling
  • Flash manipulation routines
  • Control of the Dolphin chip power modes
  • Customizable HW Timer1 usage as counter with callback possibility or PWM control
  • Software timers
  • Application error diagnostic and stack analysis
  • Preemptive priority scheduler enabling system task execution parallel to the application (can be turned on/off)
  • Integrated one and two level repeater functionality
  • Integrated SmartACK communication concept
  • Integrated Remote Management protocol
  • EnOcean serial protocol support (for ESP2 and ESP3)

This manual provides a detailed overview of the DolphinAPI and the Dolphin toolset. It contains the following chapters:

  • Introduction gives an overview of the toolchain, explains the library architecture and offers a "quick-start" step-by-step tutorial
  • Application types describes which features set of the library should be used for line powered or ultra low power applications
  • Dolphin Platform provides information about the Dolphin microcontroller
  • Error Diagnostic shows how to use the error diagnostic features of the library to detect errors in the application and some debugging hints
  • EnOcean Radio Protocol (ERP) provides information about the EnOcean radio protocol
  • EnOcean Serial Protocols provides information about the EnOcean serial protocols
  • Example Applications provides several sample programs that show you how to use the DolphinAPI
  • SW Modules provides a detailed description of each library module and function interfaces
  • Data Structures provides an overview of all data structures, variable types

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