Self-powered sensors and switches, combined with LED fixture controllers and a commissioning tool, permit easy configuration, intelligent local control, and seamless integration into building automation systems.

The wireless LED controls portfolio is ideal for both, new buildings and retrofits. They can be easily introduced into intelligent building technology: in residential buildings, all you need to do is connect a transmitter to a receiver – and you're done. This basic installation can be easily combined with existing systems and extended at will.

Tutorial Videos

EnOcean Wireless LED Controls

Navigan Wireless Commissioner 2.0 (Tutorial)

Easyfit with the EnOcean wireless standard for North America (902 MHz)

High reliability

License-free 902 MHz frequency band with a reliable radio range of approx. 30 meters indoors.


Sensor profiles are standardized to provide interoperable system solution.

Low energy requirements

EnOcean wireless standard is optimized for self-powered wireless switches and sensors.

Unique benefits for lighting installers

Energy savings

Easyfit products help meet building code requirements, such as Title 24, and reduce energy consumption.

Cost savings

Self-powered and wireless solutions lower installation, maintenance and renovation costs.

Fast & flexible installation

Maintenance-free and wireless LED Lighting controls ensure fast installation and easy configuration.

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