EnOcean技術による自己発電型無線スイッチやセンサ及びコントローラは2003年より発売され25万棟以上の建物に設置導入されています。各々の導入事例についてご参照下さい。 最新のリファレンス・ビルはPerpetuum(エネルギーハーベスティング専用雑誌)に載っています。

Schneider Electric Research and Development (Canada)

NYC Department of Sanitation (USA)

Vossloh-Schwabe Office Shanghai (China)

ADAC Headquarters Munich (Germany)

Energy Saving Hotels (USA)

Marriott Residence Inn Sacramento (USA)

Springhill Suites Natomas (USA)

Hainan Airline Hotel (China)

Asslar Senior Center (Germany)

Medetic, Colmar (France)

Institut de Cardiologie (Canada)

Mueritz-Clinic (Germany)

Empowerhouse, Washington D.C. (USA)

B10 Active House (Germany)

Shanghai Villa (China)

Weberhaus (Germany)

Changi City Point (China)

Morrisons Distribution Center (UK)

Toys R Us (UK)

Xtramart Convenience Store (USA)

Center for Virtual Engineering ZVE (Germany)

Sir Isaac Newton Academy (UK)

Georgia Institue of Technology (USA)

University of Western Ontario (Canada)

Wayne County Airport Authority Maintenance Facilities (USA)

BMW Production Facility (Germany)

Aggreko Factory (UK)

Cardboard Factory (Canada)

Taimadera Buddhist Temple (Japan)

St. John the Baptist Cathedral (Canada)

Queen Annes Gate (UK)

Semper Opera Dresden (Germany)

Entega Lodge (Germany)

Imtech Arena (Germany)


Yacht "Feretti 830" (Brasil)