DolphinV4 API
EnOcean Serial Protocol (ESP3)

The ESP3 protocol is designed to transfer information between EnOcean device and host using UART interface.

Telegrams received/transmitted with the ERP protocol can be encapsulated by ESP3 and transfered to the UART interface.

With ESP3 the radio telegrams are encapsulated 1:1 inclusive the TEL_PARAM_TYPE structure for ERP1 or or the TEL_PARAM_TYPE2 structure for ERP2.

Features of ESP3 are summarized in this table:

Device Support Supported by Dolphin and DolphinV4 Platform
Data Overhead 6 bytes
Max. Payload 65535 bytes
Speed device specific, default 57600
Type of data Any type of data
Max. number of data types 255
Data verification 8bit CRC
Versioning support Yes
Basic data structure Packet

See References, EnOcean Serial Protocol 3.pdf.

The usage of ESP3 you can find in example Radio To ESP3 Example