DolphinV4 Suite

DolphinV4 Suite is a collection of tools to enable the configuration of EnOcean DolphinV4 Modules and support the development on the EnOcean DolphinV4 Platform. It is mainly aimed to support the process of:

Module Configuration

For the configuration of EnOcean modules with the original EnOcean firmware you can use the tool DolphinV4 Module Configurator. It provides the following functions:

For further information concerning module configuration please read section Module Configuration

Firmware Development

For firmware development on the DolphinV4 platform, the DolphinV4 Suite provides three tools. These are DolphinV4 API Configurator, eopx2.exe and DolphinV4 Programmer.

DolphinV4 API Configurator offers:

With the generated configuration data you can set up your own Keil project for firmware development on the DolphinV4 platform.

Eopx2.exe is a command-line tool. It offers:

The postbuild-functionality processes the Keil-generated files for the EO3100I chip, the programmer-functionality writes the processed files to the chip. These functions can be called from Keil so you do not have to use eopx2.exe directly.

DolphinV4 Programmer provides a graphical user interface for the programmer-functionality of eopx2.exe. So you can:

For further information concerning firmware development please read section Firmware Development

EO3100I Chip Calibration

Calibrate the EO3100I chip (timer, temperature, radio settings). Only do this if you really know what you are doing. The steps to calibrate the chip are described in section Chip Calibration