DolphinV4 API
Application types

DolphinV4 API can be used for the development of both Line Powered and self-powered Ultra Low Power (ULP) applications. Due to the different requirements in energy consumption the API offers optimized functionality. The first difference has to do with the system scheduler. In a line powered application the energy is not typically critical. The scheduler is in this case active giving support for telegram reception, telegram repetition, remote management, listen-before-talk, etc is possible. ULP applications, limited in energy supply, do not activate the scheduler, thus disabling the mention possibilities. More to activation/deactivation of the scheduler later. A second difference is found in the measurement of analogue signals. The io_measAnalog is a complex function that offers many features. It also takes a long time to execute. In an application with reduced energy requirements a simpler analogue measurement function is often required. This is the reason why the io_ulpMeasAnalog and io_ulpScaleAnalog functions where introduced.

One of the first steps during application development is to decide whether the application is an ultra low power or line powered application. The application type (ULP or power-line) is selected with the help of DolphinV4 API Configurator by selecting "Power Line Application" or "Ultra-low Power Application" in the combo box you can see in the figure. By selecting one or the other option the DolphinV4 API Configurator generates initialisation code that activates the scheduler (line power application) or not (ULP). Read the chapter DolphinV4 API Initialization for more information about DolphinV4 API Configurator.


The following chapters describes how to develop ULP or line powered applications. It contains the following chapters:

  • Line Powered explains how to develop a line powered application
  • Ultra Low Power explains how to develop ultra low powered application
Every function containing the word ulp is intended to be used by ultra low power applications (see Ultra Low Power functions)
ULP functions are not as "comfortable" as the line powered once thus the application has to do more implementation.
Some features as repeating, remote management are not available for ULP application.