DolphinV4 API
Example Applications

Here you can find the source code of several simple application to demonstrate the functionality of the DolphinV4 API. The source codes are also part of the DolphinV4 API package (folder Examples).

The examples are optimized for the EVA320-2 and EVA300-3. If you want to run the examples on the ASIC EVA board you have to adjust the pin initialization.

Each example contains a .xml file within its \Profiles subfolder. This is a configuration file for DolphinV4 API Configurator.

Example nameOptimized for EVA board
Actuator example EVA300-3, EOP350
ADT Telegrams Example EVA300-3, EOP350
Autarkic Sensor Example EVA320-2
Radio To ESP3 Example EVA320-2
Light Control Example EVA300-3, EOP350
Remote Management Example EVA300-3, EOP350
RSSI Example EVA300-3, EOP350
SmartACK Example EVA300-3, EOP350/EVA320-2
Security example EVA320-2
Standby Example EVA320-2
VLD Telegrams EVA300-3, EOP350/EVA320-2
REMAN with ESP3 and learn mode

EVA300-3, EOP350/EVA320-2