Supply chain update

General situation, as of February 28, 2022

Dear customers,

Due to the current situation regarding Russia and the Ukraine, we provide you with an update on our supply chain and the actions taken.

Our European suppliers manufacture according to our production planning. We are still able to maintain our supply chains, the delivery traffic across borders is currently functioning without major restrictions. We are doing our best to meet our supply obligations now and in the future.

We monitor the situation continuously and will inform you on our website as soon as we become aware of any risks or delays.


  • Do you have any suppliers in Russia or Ukraine? No
  • Do you have any 2nd tier suppliers in Russia or Ukraine? No
  • Do you have any freight lanes running through Russia or Ukraine? No
  • Are you aware of any other “potential” risk to your business, related to the escalation of the situation in Ukraine? Under monitoring

Please contact your usual contacts or send us an e-mail to, for our US customers to, if you have further questions.

Best regards

Raoul Wijgergangs, CEO

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