Names of firmware .hex files from EnOcean


What does the long name of the hexfile mean?



The file name is separated by ”-”. Every part has a different meaning. Let us go one by one:

  • gatewayctrl – name of the firmware
  • hwtcm300 – hardware module that is the software build for (i.e. TCM 300, TCM 320, STM 300, etc.)
  • 868mhz – frequency of the module (868.3 or 315)
  • 4dbm – output power of the radio module (i.e. 6dBm, 4dBm, 3dBm, 0dBm)
  • 1v40 – internal version of the radio settings, the version number is not like the version of software (higher is better or improved) it is our internal versioning of radio settings and all version are actual( i.e 1v42 and also 1v44 are still product live)
  • da – module step code. Every Module i.e. STM 300, TCM 320 has their own step code counter. So TCM 300 DA means something different then STM 310 DA!

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