The Smart Home

Sustainable and future-proof with EnOcean

A Smart Home not only contributes to a more comfortable way of living but also creates a healthier and safer space. On top of that, it even increases energy efficiency of your building.

Make your home smart with energy-efficient heating and lighting control, an intelligent alarm system and entertainment packages in no time. For an easy start, battery-free wireless solutions can be used to set up basic equipment without complex wiring and can be expanded to the desired extent at any time without conversion measures.

This is done best with our battery-free switches and wireless sensors. No annoying wiring or changing batteries because our devices use energy sources that are present in the house: movement, light or temperature differences. By pressing a battery-free switch, for example, you generate the energy needed to send a radio signal to a light or to blinds. Radio window handles use the same principle to signal an open window. Our sensors that measure temperature, humidity or illuminance use the indoor light as an energy source.

Thanks to our battery-free radio technology, a Smart Home can grow with your individual needs meaning that the system adapts to you and not vice versa. As a result, it can increase living comfort today and can be an important helper in the years to come.

Use cases


With our wireless switches and sensors you can turn existing buildings and even heritage-protected properties into a smart home.

Ambient Assisted Living

Living comfortable in your own four walls even in old age with EnOcean technology.

Smart Lighting

Make the lighting in your home smart with our battery-free switch modules for EnOcean, Bluetooth and Zigbee systems.

Discover the world of energy harvesting

Benefit from the industry know-how of top players

In the EnOcean customer magazine Perpetuum our partners write about their latest projects. The case studies and articles show the potential of our solutions in the categories IoT, building automation and smart home.

EnOcean customer magazine Perpetuum