Self-powered Sensors

Energy harvesting sensors for energy-efficient, comfortable and safe buildings

For our wireless self-powered sensors, we extract energy from ambient light using small solar cells, or from the smallest temperature differences. The sensors not only make buildings smart, but also form the basis for a variety of different applications in the Internet of Things (IoT). Our self-powered sensors collect the raw data which take in a crucial part in the analysis and visualization of a smart building. Gaining information about temperature, humidity or light, and also collecting data on how space and certain rooms of a building are being used lays the foundation for a profound digital twin of an intelligent building.

Our Swiss knife among self-powered sensors is STM 550 – a multisensor that combines a temperature, humidity, illumination, acceleration and magnetic contact sensor in the original PTM form factor. Our STM modules are the core elements with which manufacturers can implement self-powered sensors that provide raw data for all intelligent systems – flexibly and maintenance-free. With the help of energy harvesting technology, our sensors contribute to comprehensive energy and CO2 savings in buildings.

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