Smart Lighting

Wireless and battery-free lighting solutions for your smart home

When we hear the term “smart home” many people first think of a complicated networked system in which everything can be controlled with a smartphone. In fact, a battery-free radio switch is all that you need to get started. The only energy source it needs is the press of a button.

For most of us, the traditional switch is still the most convenient way to turn on the light. Modern technology combines the familiar look and feel with intelligent and energy-efficient systems. Thanks to EnOcean radio technology, switches can communicate with modern luminaires which makes them the easiest way to enter a networked system. At the same time, they are always quickly at hand and can be placed anywhere without any cables.

We at EnOcean even go one step further with our battery-free switch modules for lighting solutions: They neither require cables nor batteries. The simple press of a button releases enough power to turn lights on or off.

You can find many ready-to-use lighting solutions with battery-free switches that use EnOcean modules on the market. These include, for example, the battery-free wireless wall switches of the Philips “Friends of Hue” programme, which can be used to switch and dim Philips Hue lamps. Thanks to different designs, they fit into any living environment. More information on the Friends of Hue program can be found here.

Case Study: Signify – smart lights with a switch

Many Friends of Hue partners design smart light switches that can be used with Philips Hue, working directly with the Philips Hue Bridge and the Hue app to ensure a seamless smart light experience. These products are immediately identifiable to smart lighting shoppers. The products’ packaging and other in-store and online communications prominently display the Friends of Hue logo.

Thanks to the wireless, battery-free design of the switches based on EnOcean technology, these controls can be placed anywhere in the home. Users – whether DIY or professional installers – appreciate not just the ability to add a light switch without rewiring or cutting into the wall but the environmentally friendly aspects of a battery-free accessory.

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