Energy Harvesting

Let’s harness the ocean of unused energy!

Our energy harvesting technology obtains energy for wireless sensors from the immediate surroundings – from motion, light and temperature.

EnOcean Product Portfolio  

sustainable IoT

Kinetic Switches

Our wireless switches work 100 % battery-free, need no cables and can therefore be placed anywhere.

Self-powered Sensors

EnOcean sensors provide the data for applications in digitized buildings and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Actuators & Gateways

Actuators enable buildings automation like lighting or heating control. Sensor data are transferred via gateways to the cloud.

IoT Software & Tools

EnOcean offers various software kits, tools and firmware for easy installation and data handling.

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IoT Edge Computing Solutions

EnOcean edge computing solutions streamline integration and unlock value

Sustainable IoT

Make your building IoT-ready

Sensor data is the key to sustainable IoT applications in smart buildings. Our self-powered sensors communicate via wireless standards (EnOcean, Zigbee, Bluetooth) and can be seamlessly integrated into IoT applications.

Aruba and EnOcean make your spaces smart in no time.

Simply connect your Aruba Wi-Fi Access Point and enable a whole world of wireless EnOcean devices.


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Maintenance-free solutions for a sustainable IoT

100% self-powered

100% wire-free

100% comfortable

Battery-free by EnOcean

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