Ultra-low Power Management

Intelligent energy management and highly efficient energy storage enable radio technology for battery-free sensor solutions

Self-powered wireless sensor solutions are what we need to collect and process data in an intelligent system. Create your very own solutions with our self-powered EnOcean modules. What makes them so special? They combine micro-energy converters with ultra-low power electronics and reliable wireless communications. The specific characteristics of the EnOcean protocol are ideal for a highly energy-efficient communication.

Since most energy harvesters deliver only very small amounts of power, it’s necessary to accumulate it over time while the system is sleeping, only losing a small amount of it in the process. No problem with EnOcean sensors as they have an extremely low idle current. The latest generation of EnOcean energy harvesting wireless sensors requires standby currents of only 100 nanoamperes (nA) or less.

Our expertise is to combine low power radio standards with our systems using our energy harvesting technology.

Advantages at a glance

  • Energy savings
  • Flexibility of the applications
  • Time savings
  • Maintenance-free
  • Cost savings