Building Automation

Energy-efficient and smart buildings with EnOcean

To control lighting, heating, security and other services inside a building in an intelligent way not only is super comfortable but also helps to optimize the CO2 emissions of a building. Self-powered sensors form the basis for such building automation systems because they deliver the needed data; even better when they generate their power in a sustainable way like ours. This is not the only reason why our wireless, self-powered sensors are particularly well suited for building automation systems: Thanks to energy harvesting they don’t need batteries or wires to function which makes them completely maintenance-free. Also, they can be integrated flexibly and seamlessly into systems for a wide range of applications. And once installed, they do their job reliably. Our solutions can be installed quickly and help to significantly reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in our buildings.

Use Cases

Smart Buildings

Our battery-free wireless sensors are the eyes and ears of intelligent buildings.

Energy Efficiency

Optimize the CO2 footprint of your building with EnOcean technology – without any cables or batteries.

Smart Lighting

Control lighting with our battery-free switch modules for EnOcean, Bluetooth and Zigbee systems.

Discover the world of energy harvesting

Benefit from the industry know-how of top players

In the EnOcean customer magazine Perpetuum our partners write about their latest projects. The case studies and articles show the potential of our solutions in the categories IoT, building automation and smart home.

EnOcean customer magazine Perpetuum