Vision & Mission

We live in an ocean of energy. Let’s make use of it!

EnOcean is a pioneer for the digitization of our world. With our energy harvesting technology, we deliver the data for the Internet of Things in a resource-saving, self-powered and maintenance-free way.

In doing so, we enable the smart use of buildings, cities and industrial plants. Alternative energy sources from the surroundings, such as motion, light and temperature, are what drives us.

EnOcean - Energy Harvesting

EnOcean - pioneer of energy harvesting

We reduce the CO2 footprint of buildings

Our vision is to provide sustainable and smart approaches to new working and living environments, for saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions. Thanks to energy harvesting, EnOcean-based solutions are self-powered.

This capability saves valuable resources and, at the same time, are the key to new ways to use energy and data. EnOcean continues to contribute to an economical, ecological and social future for generations to come.