Smart Lighting

Intelligent lighting solutions with EnOcean technology

One of the most important components of classic building automation is smart lighting. Lighting solutions are becoming increasingly intelligent and the light adapts, for example, to the conditions in the house, in the office, in the shopping centre or on the street – matched to daylight or presence. The dynamic control of lighting and the adaptation of light to people’s biorhythms is also becoming more important. With active lighting control we can ensure that employees are active and motivated throughout the entire working day.

How can we do that? The answer is easy: with EnOcean wireless technology! Together with our partners we create wireless lighting solutions for a variety of different building types like offices, schools, shops, museums, hotels, etc.

Our smart lighting solutions are based on our patented energy harvesting technology where the press of a button releases enough energy to turn lights on or to control lighting scenes – completely without wires and batteries.

Thanks to our huge partner ecosystem we can find the right solution tailored to your individual needs.

Click here for an overview of our system partners for intelligent Bluetooth® lighting solutions.

Use cases

Wireless lighting controls for medical buildings

There are many factors that go into the utilization of wireless controls in any building, particularly when it comes to medical facilities. There is, however, a significant use case for controls and there are wireless strategies that provide benefits without creating issues with interference and security. One of the identified protocols for medical facilities is EnOcean technology.

Magnum has been supporting a large, campus-wide renovation project at Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC. This multi-year project is unique in that the LED fixtures supplied for the project are all low voltage fed and include no traditional LED drivers. Magnum’s 0-10 V pulse width modulation node intercepts the incoming 24 V DC power and then powers up to 100 watts of fixtures downstream while also controlling the fixtures.

Lighting control panels for hotel rooms

Mount Kelvin is reinventing the way hotels and accommodations can cater to contemporary guest needs. Controlling the room via a mobile app is nice, but the most convenient way is via a super-simple control panel.

At the core of a modern hospitality operation is a well-functioning guest room management system (GRMS). The latest and smartest technologies enable the GRMS from Mount Kelvin to take hotel rooms to a new level without the need to tear down walls or remove existing wiring.

The user interface for guests is created with EnOcean wireless and self-powered switches. The switches allow interior and electrical designers to collaborate seamlessly without having to make any compromises on design or execution.

U.S. retail chain reduced energy costs significantly

A U.S. retail chain with over one hundred locations was seeking cost-effective solutions to replace outdated lighting and multiple EMS systems. The customer sought to reduce energy costs by upgrading to LED lights and new thermostats, coupled with various rebate programs through an advanced cloud-based control platform.

Titanium Intelligent Solutions won over the U.S. retail chain with an advanced solution platform that included hardware products from various EnOcean Alliance members for enterprise monitoring, control and analytics. As proven in this project, Titanium is the ideal platform to incorporate sensors and other control devices offered by any EnOcean Alliance members.

Further applications

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