EnOcean’s energy harvesting wireless sensor technology collects energy out of air. The energy existing in our environment, for example kinetic motion, pressure, light, differences in temperature, is converted into energy for wireless communication. Combining miniaturized energy harvesters and ultra-low power wireless technology creates maintenance-free sensor solutions for the use in buildings, smart home and industrial applications as well as for the Internet of Things.

Energy harvesting is a ressource-saving way of energy production. Click here to find out more about about our sustainability approach.

Energy from Motion

This principle uses the power of motion to generate energy for wireless signals. When pressing a switch, for example, an electro-mechanical energy converter is activated and uses this movement to generate energy for a telegram. This telegram can turn on/off household appliances, a light or create different scenes for LED lights. The same functionality can be used for a kinetic window contact, which registers if a window is open or closed, or a self-powered water sensor. Here, the energy converter is activated when water gets in touch with the swelling material on the sensor’s bottom. The sensor, positioned below the bathtub or the washing machine, can now send a wireless signal to prevent of water damage.

Energy from Light

Wherever there is light, even at low level of 200 lux or less, tiny solar cells can harvest this source of energy for a broad range of battery-less sensors. This includes temperature sensors, CO2 sensors, occupancy sensors, solar-powered window contacts or humidity sensors.

Energy from Temperature

A temperature difference of already 2 °C delivers enough energy for electronic devices, enabled by the combination of a DC/DC converter and a peltier element. This harvesting technology operates self-powered heating valves, for example, which use the difference in temperature between the heating radiator and the environment to provide energy for changes in stroke as well as for wireless communication with a solar-powered room controller.

Energy converters for energy harvesting wireless switches and sensors

ECO 200 - Kinetic Energy Harvesting

Motion Converter for Mechanical Energy Harvesting Module for Energy Harvesting Wireless Switches

The kinetic converter in combination with  a wireless module enables numerous battery-less switch applications

Energy from a switching operation (button pressure):

  • Electrodynamic energy converter
  • Energy generation from kinetic motion
  • Typically more than 1,000,000 switching cycles at 25 °C
  • For small and flat switch designs

ECS 300 - Solar cell for self-powered wireless sensors

Solar cell for energy harvesting wireless sensors

Solar cell for energy harvesting wireless sensors ECS 300: 35.0 × 12.8 × 1.1 mm.

The smaller ECS 300 can to be used in unidirectional sensor applications.

ECT 310 Perpetuum - Thermo Energy Harvesting

Thermo converter for energy harvesting wireless sensors

Thermo converter for energy harvesting wireless sensors and actuators.

Heat dissipation as energy source:

  • Standard peltier element in combination with EnOcean ultra low power DC/DC converter
  • Usage of minimum temperature difference
  • Maintenance free, full integration 
  • Allows energy harvesting actuators