The digital path to a sustainable future

We live in a rapidly changing world. Digitization is a key element in meeting global megatrends such as climate change, urbanization and demographic change.

Especially sustainability continues to climb to the top of the agenda for policymakers, companies, investors and private individuals. Behind this trend is a change in awareness among the general population and at the company management level. Policymakers support this change by issuing regulations on energy consumption and CO2 emissions in buildings.

This is creating a positive and highly attractive market environment for EnOcean, for which we are ideally positioned with our established and patented energy harvesting technology. Our battery-free, wireless switches and sensors are the key to IoT applications – they provide the data in a resource-saving and maintenance-free way.

In addition to this innovative lead, we as a company are the nucleus of strong international partnerships. With this mix of know-how and powerful partnerships, we make buildings more sustainable.

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Energy Harvesting

We obtain energy for our sensors from the immediate surroundings – energy sources are motion, light and temperature.

Internet of Things

Our self-powered, wirelesss sensors deliver the data for IoT applications in a resource-saving way and help to digitize buildings.

EnOcean - the pioneer of energy harvesting


We are the initiator and driver of the EnOcean Alliance, a strong international network with more than 400 members.