Energy Efficiency

Optimise the energy consumption of your building with EnOcean technology

Did you know that we spend around 90% of our time in buildings? And did you know that buildings are the biggest energy consumers of all, accounting for over 40% of global energy consumption? These numbers show that it’s important to create a healthy and comfortable living and working environment indoors and at the same time ensure an energy-efficient use of buildings. However, we often don’t even know which parts of a building are being used regularly, resulting in an unnecessary consumption of resources and high operating costs.

Our wireless and battery-free sensors have the answer because they provide the necessary data to make buildings smart and more energy-efficient in no time, just stick them to your walls or ceilings. Combined with solutions from our partners, there’s literally no excuse to not make your building more energy-efficient.

Use cases

Smart office reduces energy usage by 23 percent

IOLITE IQ GmbH, a joint venture of IOLITE GmbH and Deutsche Wohnen Beschaffung und Beteiligung GmbH, has developed a sustainable and maintenance-free solution to transform office spaces into energy-efficient, comfortable and healthy smart offices.

In a pilot project in Berlin, an existing office space was retrofitted with EnOcean components connected to a touchscreen gateway running IOLITE platform software. The hardware included solar-powered motion, temperature and humidity sensors, energy-harvesting heating valves and rocker switches that transform the mechanical energy of a button-press. In addition, an existing KNX bus was connected with the IOLITE gateway in order to control HVAC.

For an objective energy efficiency evaluation, one of two symmetrical wings of the office space was digitalized and one was left as is. During the winter heating period, the energy usage of the former was reduced by 23%.

Historic town hall energy-efficient thanks to wireless solution

The retrofit of the “Municipio di Forli” in the Italian province of Emilia-Romagna combines centuries-old tradition with state-of-the-art technology. For this purpose, the system integrator Casadei & Pellizzarro relied on the EasySens® wireless radio system from Thermokon. The aim was to combine the efficient use of heating energy and high comfort with the preservation of the historic building.

CO2 reduction in practice – networked energy systems combine comfort with climate protection

Viessmann, a company of long-standing tradition and a member of the EnOcean Alliance, supports customers all over the world with seamless climate-friendly solutions that supply optimal room temperature, hot water, electricity and good air quality in equal measure for human environments. In the future, all systems will be networked via the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, making them even more efficient and comfortable to operate. The wibutler system, which supports the EnOcean wireless standard, is part of the Viessmann solution.

Further applications

Smart Buildings

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