Near Field Communication

Energy harvesting and NFC – the perfect duo!

A quick and easy implementation is key when it comes to realizing sensor systems for intelligent buildings and IoT applications. Especially, when there are thousands of sensors in a single building, delivering the needed data for individual and demand-based processes. With the help of Near Field Communication (NFC) you can configure and install our energy harvesting devices in a simple and quick way, exactly fitted to your individual demands and environments.

How does this work? With this type of wireless communication, data is transmitted from an NFC device – wireless and self-powered EnOcean modules – to an NFC reader over a short range of no more than two centimetres. These can be, for example, NFC-enabled smartphones or tablets. The short distance between the two devices makes NFC especially great for data transmission, as your data is being highly protected.

Find more in-depth information on the combination of Energy Harvesting and NFC in our white paper.

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EnOcean NFC Configurator

Use our NFC Configurator for writing and reading all accessible parameters specified for your EnOcean product with your PC.

EnOcean Tool

Determine the properties of selected EnOcean devices and read out individual pieces of information via the NFC interface of your smartphone.