Smart Spaces

Get the most out of your building management with our wireless sensors

We often associate a smart building with automated lighting control, ventilation, HVAC and heating systems, but there’s way more than that.

Over the last couple of months and even years, flexible working models and new digital solutions have opened up completely new ways of working. The classic 9 to 5 office job almost doesn’t exist anymore but our buildings haven’t quite caught up with this development yet. Flexible and demand-based use of space is becoming increasingly important, not only to keep an eye on costs and energy consumption but also to create a comfortable, healthy and safe environment for employees.

To create such smart spaces, we need to know how a certain space is actually being used, for example how many people are in a certain room or how many desks are currently occupied. Our self-powered sensors deliver the needed data and forward it, for example, to the cloud for analysis and visualization. This helps to create a digital twin of a building that even shows working areas: motion and vibration sensors detect maintenance-free how many people are in a building or room, where and when.

It’s super important to know all this in order to get the most out of your building in terms of costs, energy efficiency and employee wellbeing: if you have rented a room that is hardly used or not at all, there’s no need to spend so much money on renting, heating and so on.

Together with digital and sustainable solutions from our partners we can turn any building space into a smart space. For this we have jointly developed the solution EnOceanSpaces.

Smart Spaces case studies

Make your office safe, smart and cost-efficient

Companies have to make sure that their employees can return to a safe and trustworthy workplace. They must ensure that critical workplace services are available where and when they’re needed. At the same time, there is increased pressure to reduce costs and restructure their real estate portfolio.

At the IBM Watson Center Munich, we equipped a meeting room with a total of 36 EnOcean sensors and a variety of about 10 different sensor types. They run on the IBM IoT platform, which interconnects all the sensor data via the IBM Maximo Asset Monitor.

The digital transformation of the office – teaching space how to think

Agility is determining today’s workplace. Employees increasingly work independently of time and location. This development and the current challenges presented by the pandemic, such as social distancing and hygiene measures, require new digital office concepts. As a specialist in the design and furnishing of modern office and work environments, Bene has developed the SMART OFFICE by Bene in cooperation with the software specialist THING TECHNOLOGIES and the full-service provider GMS Global Media Services GmbH.

Our wireless sensors deliver the needed data for the analysis and visualisation.

The New Work megatrend for a good work-life balance

The “war for talents,” the latest public health guidelines and pressure to optimize costs are accelerating the New Work megatrend. Companies are suddenly faced with the challenge of devising strategies for digitalizing company processes and rethinking the use and design of office space. The choice between working from home and at the office did not use to be a matter of course everywhere. The contact limitations made necessary by COVID19 have forced businesses to come up with a new approach. Facility managers, in particular, are now being challenged to find solutions that can be put in place quickly.

The Smart Spaces solution from T-Systems Multimedia Solutions supports this approach.

Use cases

Smart Cleaning

Send out cleaning crews when they are actually needed: Our self-powered, wireless sensors make cleaning-on-demand possible.

Asset Management

Collect real-life data of your assets with our self-powered, wireless sensors.

Hot Desking

Hot desking systems not only help you to reduce renting costs but also contribute to the wellbeing of your employees.

Discover the world of energy harvesting

Benefit from the industry know-how of top players

In the EnOcean customer magazine Perpetuum our partners write about their latest projects. The case studies and articles show the potential of our solutions in the categories IoT, building automation and smart home.

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