We live in a rapidly changing world. Digitization is a key element in meeting challenges such as climate change, urbanization and demographic change. Our technology takes on the role of a reliable helper, supporting people on this path and simplifying it as well as improving their quality of life.



Switch Applications

Battery-free wireless switches use kinetic energy converters for switch applications in buildings and the Internet of Things.

Self-powered Sensors

For our wireless sensors, we extract energy from ambient light using small solar cells.

Building Automation

Self-powered sensors are used for building automation systems. With them lighting, heating, security and other services can be controlled intelligently and in an energy-saving way.

LED Control

For LED light control we offer a complete package in the EnOcean radio standard 902 MHz with transmitters, receivers and a commissioning tool.


We drive sustainable solutions for the digitization - wireless and maintenance-free. Our self-powered sensors can be seamlessly integrated into IoT platforms.