EnOcean is the originator of the patented energy harvesting wireless technology, manufactures and markets maintenance-free wireless sensor solutions for use in in building, smart home and industrial applications as well as for the Internet of Things. EnOcean solutions are based on miniaturized energy converters, ultra-low-power electronic circuitry and reliable wireless. Combining these elements enables EnOcean and its product partners to offer sensor systems that are fundamental for automation systems and innovative networks.

Energy Converter

Energy converters collect and save the tiniest amounts of energy from their environment.

Energy Harvesting Wireless Switches

Energy harvesting switches use kinetic energy for switching applications in buildings and the Internet of Things.

Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensors

Solar-powered energy harvesting sensors monitor and sense the environment to transmit this data to a wireless node.


Wireless transceiver modules and products receive sensor data as well as transmit values to other devices.


Software, starter kits and development tools help OEMs to implement energy harvesting wireless modules and products easily.