IoT sensors from EnOcean and the Wi-Fi Access Points from Aruba make your office space smart in no time

In the Internet of Things (IoT), sensors are the sensory organs of intelligent buildings. They collect the raw data that form the basis for the analysis and visualization of a smart building. This includes environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity or light, but also information on whether doors and windows are open or closed, as well as data on space utilization.

Until now, the crux of IoT projects in the building sector has often been how the sensors deliver the collected data to the cloud safely and cost-effectively. Aruba and EnOcean have solved this challenge together.

Simply connect your Wi-Fi Access Point…

…and enable a whole world of wireless EnOcean devices.

Key benefits of the EnOcean and Aruba partnership

  • use the existing infrastructure to deploy IoT sensors without granting access to the company network
  • makes work spaces flexible for different and changing scenarios 
  • reduces IoT project costs by using existing Aruba Access Points
  • easy installation of EnOcean sensors in Aruba’s Wi-Fi network
  • sensors operate wireless without batteries and cables using energy harvesting technology
  • access to the EnOcean Alliance network and thus to members’ interoperable and certified IoT applications

The wireless, self-powered EnOcean sensors send the raw data via an EnOcean USB stick to Aruba’s Wi-Fi Access Point, which forwards the data to the cloud. This enables companies to use their existing IT infrastructure to integrate IoT sensors into their network via Wi-Fi in compliance with all security standards thanks to Aruba.

EnOcean Aruba IoT Connectr

IoT Connector provides the data for every IoT application

EnOcean IoT Connector

The EnOcean IoT Connector is designed to deliver all necessary information for IoT applications provided by wireless sensors which are based on the EnOcean protocol. The deployment of the IoT Connector requires no additional hardware costs when an already existing infrastructure is used, for example Aruba Wi-Fi Access Points. All that is needed to send EnOcean IoT data is an EnOcean USB stick plugged into a Wi-Fi Access Point.

Certified sensors and switches for a seamless integration

EnOcean Product Portfolio

EnOcean products

EnOcean offers a comprehensive product portfolio of maintenance-free and wireless sensors and switches. Select the radio frequency for your region:

EnOcean Alliance Partner Network

Partner products

The EnOcean Alliance opens up the world of more than 5,000 certified devices that communicate using the EnOcean radio standard.

Smart Spaces – wireless sensors are the key

The Internet of Things (IoT) enables a digital twin of a building that visualizes the complete building including working areas. The prerequisite for this are sensors that collect the raw data and forward it, for example, to the cloud for virtualization. Motion and vibration sensors from EnOcean detect maintenance-free how many people are in a building or room, where and when. Improved space utilization, hot-desking concepts for employees and productivity improvements are at the heart of smart spaces concepts.

EnOcean Smart Spaces

Smart Cleaning – focus on sanitary facilities

Clean restrooms, filled up soap dispensers, enough paper towels and toilet paper – this is the ideal condition of sanitary facilities. In fact, use and consumption can be difficult to predict. Wireless and maintenance-free sensors provide a digital 360-degree view, for example, to make use, or cleaning transparent and adapt it to actual needs. The building operator also receives detailed information about the quality of the cleaning service.

EnOcean Smart Cleaning

IoT Starter Kit


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Andreas Schneider presents the IoT Starter Kit for the Aruba Wi-Fi Access Points.

EnOcean IoT demo kit for Aruba


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Marian Hönsch shows the EnOcean devices included in the IoT Starter Kit and walks you through the demo software.

Webseminar (European version)


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Learn in the recorded webseminar how quickly EnOcean sensors are integrated in the Aruba Access Points and enable easily and securely IoT projects.

Webseminar (US version)


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The focus of the US version is on market specific requirements and shows how to utilize the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to communicate key data.

Installation is quick and easy: simply plug the EnOcean USB stick into the USB slot of the Aruba Wi-Fi Access Point and enter the IP address of the IoT application on site or in the private or public cloud.

Aruba’s Zero-Trust Network automatically establishes a secure web socket connection and ensures bidirectional data exchange between the EnOcean-compatible devices and the IoT application. This significantly reduces the cost of IoT projects.

Our IoT Starter Kits allow a quick and easy start. You can test immediately the full potential of the Aruba-EnOcean partnership. We offer different kits for Europe and North America (USA/Canada).

EISKA for Europe

  • EnOcean USB stick (USB 300)
  • solar-powered multisensor STM 550 for measuring temperature, humidity, light, motion including magnet contact (EMSIA)
  • battery-free radio switch with double rocker (EWSDA)

EISKU for North America

  • EnOcean USB Stick (USB 500U)
  • solar-powered multisensor STM 550 for measuring temperature, humidity, light, motion including magnet contact (EMSIU)
  • battery-free, wireless switch with double rocker (EDRPU)
  • battery-free, radio-based temperature and humidity sensor (ETHSU)
  • battery-free, radio-based window contact sensor (EMCSU)

Do you have any questions about the IoT Starter Kits from EnOcean or would like to buy one? We are happy to help with detailed information.

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Connect your building to the Internet of Things – securely and easily via the existing IT infrastructure. Thanks to the EnOcean Alliance you gain access to one of the largest networks in the field of intelligent buildings and space utilization.

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