With our battery-free and self-powered devices you can turn any building into a smart home

If you thought that only newly built properties have what it takes to become a Smart Home, this one’s for you. There’s (almost) nothing as easy as retrofitting existing buildings if you use the right technology and the right partners.

Most of the time construction works to update a property are not only rather expensive and time-consuming, but also very nerve-racking for the tenants. Weeks of loud work and a constantly dirty house may feel like an eternity. In some cases, construction works are inevitable, for example when the overall substance of a building has become brittle. But there’s no need to turn your whole house upside down when you want to make it smart. In some cases, like with heritage-protected properties, you are not even allowed to open the walls or do any sort of work on the building substance. Our products and solutions from our partners provide a simple way to make any building smart, without opening walls or having to lay metres of unsustainable calbing. Oh, and there are also no batteries involved.

Our energy harvesting radio switches and sensors are ideally suited for any sort of retrofit. Because they harvest their energy from their surroundings, there is no need for batteries or cables. That’s great because you can simply stick the devices onto walls, ceilings, even windows – basically wherever you want! You don’t ever have to worry about replacing batteries or new cabling again!

Use cases

Make your home smart in no time

In a joint project with Eltako, the smart home specialists from mediola demonstrate how easy and straightforward it can be to upgrade a home and turn it into a full-scale smart home, based on open mediola solutions. The plan was to make an existing house smart by using mediola’s award-winning central unit and adding EnOcean wireless components as well as other cutting-edge technology – without complex wiring.

Smart home retrofit – secure, comfortable and energy-efficient

Turning an existing house into a smart home later on is a good option not only for a full renovation. There are a whole range of reasons for making a house or apartment smart. While some residents choose a full-service package, including energy-efficient lighting and heating control, alarm system integration and an entertainment package, others may be motivated by different priorities.

Professional planning, including documentation, can be useful, particularly in large projects. In this project in Paderborn, Germany, Smarthome Paderborn e. V. turned an existing house belonging to a family of six into a smart home as an example of a retrofit.

Further applications

Ambient Assisted Living

Smart Lighting