EnOcean Leadership

Edin Golubovic

Vice President Research & Development

Edin Golubovic, Vice President R&D

In my role as Vice President R&D at EnOcean I blend my love for sustainable tech with my expertise in embedded systems, IoT, and software. With a Ph.D. in Mechatronics, I strive to weave advanced engineering practices into the fabric of EnOcean’s vision and product line. My journey in tech has taken me from leading teams across different geographies to spearheading innovations that combine technology with eco-consciousness. At EnOcean, I have the joy of guiding our teams to create technology that’s not just smart but sustainable too.

Before VP of R&D role, I contributed as a Software/Firmware Team Leader and Senior Embedded Systems Engineer right here at EnOcean, where I was fortunate to work with cross-functional teams dedicated to pushing the boundaries of eco-friendly technology. What really fuels my passion, though, is mentoring and engaging with our engineering community. I believe in empowering young talents, guiding them toward not just career success but in making meaningful contributions to society. My commitment to innovation, excellence, and eco-conscious development isn’t just about advancing EnOcean’s mission—it’s about inspiring change and growth in the tech community and beyond.