We drive forward sustainable solutions for digitization – wireless and maintenance-free. With our energy harvesting technology, we tap renewable energy sources for sensors. They communicate via open wireless standards (EnOcean, Zigbee and Bluetooth) and can be seamlessly integrated into IoT platforms. We therefore facilitate flexibly networked and resource-saving systems for every requirement. 

The Internet of Things will radically alter our world through “smart” connectivity, save time and resources, and provide opportunities for innovation and economic growth. Basis for this is a wealth of information, which enables both new services and forms of automation.

Wireless sensors play a key role on the way to the Internet of Things. They are the tools needed to capture and transmit raw data in an IoT system.

Self-powered sensors for the IoT

All requirements of the IoT are met by wireless (ease of installation and scaling), self-powered (maintenance-free, zero cost of operation) sensors and actuators that can be accessed via Internet Protocol (IP). EnOcean energy harvesting wireless sensors that use ambient energy as a power source enable unlimited data capturing where cables or batteries fail. Therefore, energy harvesting wireless sensors are the things in the Internet of Things.

Sustainable IoT solutions need interoperability and partnering

With technologies being developed further and different companies offering just one piece of the puzzle, it´s difficult to find the right solution. The EnOcean GmbH is your trustworthy ally to guide you through the process and find the right open and sustainable solution with the right partners according to your needs.

EnOcean is the pioneer of energy harvesting. We represent a sustainable and resource-saving technology that provides valuable data for the Internet of Things. As an innovation driver, we create synergies for new markets, combine technologies into complete solutions and form strong partnerships.

Typical use cases

We create sustainable IoT solutions, intuitive, easy to retrofit and suitable for every situation and requirement. The fields of application range from classic building automation, room use and parking management to equipment utilization, toilet use and preventive maintenance, as well as areas such as safety, security and health.

EnOcean - for a wireless and self-powered Internet of Things

Partnerships for the standardization of IoT

400 partnerships of the EnOcean Alliance work together with with AllSeen Alliance, Open Interconnect Consortium, Connected Living e. V., EEBus Iniative and OSGi Alliance to realize seamless, standard-crossing communication in the IoT.

EnOcean to IP

In an IoT network, smart gateways translate wireless EnOcean telegrams to IP. These connect self-powered wireless sensors with the Internet for a seamless communication in the IoT. Therefore, devices, which e.g. measure temperature, humidity, air quality, energy consumption or detect occupancy and water leakages, can directly communicate with white goods and multimedia as well as with applications of smart homes and smart cities.