IoT sensors at a glance – the EnOcean portfolio

EnOcean wireless sensors are based on the patented energy harvesting technology. They collect their energy from small solar cells, button pressure or temperature differences. For your IoT project this means that you can reposition the sensors flexibly again and again, because no wiring or battery replacement is necessary. Products include occupancy, acceleration and motion-sensors, window and magnetic-contacts, temperature and humidity-sensors and a multisensor.

EnOcean Product Portfolio

Please select the radio frequency for your region:

IoT Multisensor – EMSIA (OEM)

Magnet Contact Sensor – EMCSA (OEM)

Temperature & Humidity Sensor – ETHSA (OEM)

Motion Detector with Illumination Sensor – EMDCA (OEM)

Ceiling Mounted Occupancy Sensor – EOSCA (OEM)

Wall Mounted Occupancy Sensor – EOSWA (OEM)

EnOcean People Activity Counter – EPACA

Occupancy Sensor Sub Desk – EOSDA

USB 300 (OEM)

Wireless Switch – ESRPU / EDRPU (OEM)

IoT Multisensor – EMSIU (OEM)

Magnet Contact Sensor – EMCSU (OEM)

Temperature & Humidity Sensor – ETHSU (OEM)

Motion Detector with Illumination Sensor – EMDCU (OEM)

Ceiling Mounted Occupancy Sensor – EOSCU (OEM)

Wall Mounted Occupancy Sensor – EOSWU (OEM)

EnOcean People Activity Counter – EPAC

Occupancy Sensor Sub Desk – EOSD

Light Level Sensor – ELLSU (OEM)

USB 500U

IoT Multisensor – EMSIJ (OEM)

Magnet Contact Sensor – EMCSJ (OEM)

Motion Detector with Illumination Sensor – EMDCJ (OEM)

Ceiling Mounted Occupancy Sensor – EOSCJ (OEM)

Wall Mounted Occupancy Sensor – EOSWJ (OEM)

USB 400J

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