EnOcean’s energy harvesting wireless sensor technology collects energy where it costs nothing. The energy existing in our environment, for example linear motion, pressure, light, differences in temperature, is converted into energy that can be used electrically. Combining miniaturized energy harvesters and highly efficient wireless technology creates service-free wireless sensor solutions for use in buildings and industrial automation.

Energy converters for self-powered wireless switches and sensors

ECO 200 - Motion Energy Harvesting

Motion Converter for Mechanical Energy Harvesting Module for Energy Harvesting Wireless Switches

Motion converter in combination with  PTM 330 (868 MHz) / PTM 330C (315 MHz) enable new applications for energy-harvesting wireless technology.

Energy from a switching operation (button pressure):

  • Electrodynamic energy converter
  • User-dependent energy generation from button motion
  • Typically more than 300.000 switching cycles at 25 °C; in optimized applications more than 1 Mio cycles possible
  • For small and flat switch designs

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ECS 300/ ECS 310 - Solar cells

Solar cell for energy harvesting wireless sensors

Solar cell for energy harvesting wireless sensors STM 300 (868 MHz) / STM 300C (315 MHz):

  • ECS 300: 35.0 × 12.8 × 1.1 mm
  • The smaller ECS 300 is intended to be used in unidirectional sensor applications
  • ECS 310: 50.0 × 20.0 × 1.1 mm
  • ECS 310 is designed for use in bi-directional applications using EnOcean Smart Ack technologly

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ECT 310 Perpetuum - Thermo Energy Harvesting

Thermo converter for energy harvesting wireless sensors

Thermo converter for STM 312 (868 MHz) / STM 312C (315 MHz) and EDK 352 (868 MHz) for energy harvesting wireless sensors.

Heat dissipation as energy source:

  • Standard peltier element in combination with EnOcean ultra low power DC/DC converter
  • Operation by minimum temperature difference
  • Maintenance free, full integration possible
  • Allows energy harvesting actuators

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Further energy converters for energy harvesting wireless applications

  • Rotation converter
    Gas and water meters rotate just like car tires and tools, and you cannot fit cables for measurement - an ideal application for wireless sensors powered by the energy of rotation.
  • Vibration converter
    Machines, motor vehicles, persons when they are running and many technical devices generate vibrations – why not make use of it?