Does TCM310 have a teach-in function?

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Does TCM310 have a teach-in function?


No, as a gateway is has no teach-in. But if all you need to do is to filter out certain kinds of messages, you can use the filter command of ESP3.

This can be done in the following manner:

  • The teach-in procedure has to be realized in the HOST controller.
  • Since various devices have various learn procedures, it is important to know which EEP2.1 you are using. – For instance, if you are using RPS, you need to set the HOST into learn mode, e.g. via a LRN input. As there is no special information in an RPS telegram to discriminate lean telegrams from normal telegrams usually the HOST should filter telegrams above a certain threshold, e.g. only telegrams from the same room. Then the HOST can save the ID in a table and the learn-in process is complete.
  • In case of a 4BS or a 1BS there is a bit in the telegram signalizing learning functionality. Here the HOST also has to be set into LRN mode. Then the HOST only has to store the ID of telegrams with LRN bit set. (To minimize the serial communication after learn-in you can also use the filter functionality of GatewayCTRL)
  • If you don’t want to do all this, we recommend you to read the appnote 503 in our website. This article shows the possibility of creating learn tables, processes or how to trigger learn-in per remote management, among many others.

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