Download firmware with DolphinStudio

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DolphinBased Modules


I have downloaded firmware from EnOcean wepage (.hex files) and want to update my module. How to do it?


Use DolphinStudio interface to program your Modules.
Step-by-step manual:

  1. Conncet your module with a EVA Board and conncet and EOP (EnOcean Programmer)
  2. If power switch present on EVA Board, turn ON
  3. Start DolphinStudio

Steps in DolphinStudio:

  1. Select Programmer in Drop Down List
  2. Select EOPX Programmer in TABs Menu
  3. Select Firmware to-be-donwloaded by clicking on Browse
  4. Select Write Operation
  5. Click on Execute

Names of firmware .hex files from EnOcean
Source code samples for Dolphin based Modules

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